Jiangsu Yuexing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Yuexing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Xinghua economic development zone of Jiangsu province. Xinghua is also the hometown of the national most beautiful rape flower, ‘native place of Zhengbanqiao, cradle of Water Margin’.
In the early 1970s, in response to the Chairman Mao’s call----in health work, which was put the stress on the rural area, the company was remodeled on the basis of Xinghua General Factory.After several generations’ inheritance, the company had developed from a workshop which had single produced electuaries and pills into a internationally advanced level pharmaceutical enterprise...

Technology Research

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The R&D Center of Jiangsu Yuexing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is located in the famous medical city of Taizhou, including 60 formal preparation people, of which there are 40 doctors or masters. Yuexing pharmaceutical company has been adhering to “differentiation, industrialization” development idea, and focusing on the medicine for treating psychoneurosis, cancer, endocrine, digestion, Gynecology & Pediatrics and cardiac-cerebral vascular disease, and concentrating on study on smart drug delivery.

The R&D center pays attention to Industry-University-Institute Cooperation, and has been cooperating with Nanjing University, China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,

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